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Social Etiquette

Appreciating History, Traditions, and Savoir-Vivre This program is the vastest program and is suitable to practically everyone. Answering the questions of “what”, “how”, and “when”, and making every day and every occasion easier to manage. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, an important first social meeting, or simply wish to attend a personal development […]

Etiquette and Decorum - Business Etiquette - Business interview

Distinct, Polished, and Aware In today’s world, technical skills are not sufficient. During job interviews employers often look for applicants with two sets of skills: technical skills and soft skills. Whilst technical skills are easy to quantify and are often taught in school and at University, soft skills, on the other hand, are much harder […]

Etiquette and Decorum - Cross culture training

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International versus Global Understanding other cultures and being aware that not everybody was raised the same way is essential for people wanting to do business internationally, for companies wanting to go global, and for people, young adults and children to relate and interact with others. Perfectly thought for people often moving countries for work, and […]

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Art of Living

The Appreciation of Cultural Wealth, Elegance, and Decorum Gracious Entertaining is a way of bringing people together, and appreciating the little moments in life. The smallest details can give us an “edge”, and can make such a difference. This is a vast and entertaining program presented in part by our key partners, in the form […]

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader Children’s education is fundamental, and etiquette taught at a young age is a life-long investment. Good manners, dining etiquette, cultural awareness, and leadership are all soft skills that can make a huge difference in children’s lives and in their future. Whether it’s to prepare children to apply for a […]

We create Leaders, not Followers Technology is great, but it has also dramatically changed the way we communicate today. We “tag”, we “like”, we “filter”, we “text”. This program is designed to remind the young adults that there is so much more to “being“ than just filtering. It is designed to remind them of how […]