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Etiquette & Decorum delivers Certified International short, modular, and bespoke programs of the highest quality, accessible to groups and individuals, from the Corporate Executive to the School Pupil, on the subjects of International Etiquette, Cross-Culture, and Art of Living.

Kathleen Jones, Founder and Director of Etiquette & Decorum, makes it her priority to create informative and unique Modular Programs that are both modern and fun.

Etiquette & Decorum’s concept is to provide a Modular Finishing School, with convenient programs, accommodating busy schedules and time constraints. The value provided to our clients is the enhancement of their soft skills, a greater self-confidence, a broader general awareness, and shift of perspectives.

Our certified Modular Programs are delivered in the format of workshops or one-on-one sessions.

The workshops and one-on-one sessions generally take place at our studio in Monaco, or in another carefully selected setting, but can also take place at the client’s requested location. They are primarily presented in English but can also be presented in French and Italian, and also in Russian with the assistance of an interpreter.

Bespoke and customized workshops are tailored to the client’s exact preferences, or as Kathleen Jones puts it: “You choose what you want to learn, and for how long”.

Etiquette & Decorum operates with discretion, dedication, and trust, contributing to sharing the guidelines to the fundamental means of communication with its clients.

We currently offer “one-on-one” Online Coaching sessions for our programs. Why not adopt a different way of learning, even more adapted to your time constraints.  

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