Children’s Etiquette

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Children’s education is fundamental, and etiquette taught at a young age is a life-long investment. Good manners, dining etiquette, cultural awareness, and leadership are all soft skills that can make a huge difference in children’s lives and in their future.

Whether it’s to prepare children to apply for a particular school, or to prepare them for a particular occasion or situation, or simply to give them that extra self-confidence that is so precious, Etiquette & Decorum can assist with its modular programs, which are both fun and engaging.

Usually presented in one-on-one sessions and tailor made according to the client’s request, the Children’s Etiquette program can also take place in the format of workshops after school, or during the school holidays.

Children’s Etiquette is typically a half day modular program spread over several days or periods.


  • Meeting and Greeting Adults and New People
  • Appearance and Personal Hygiene
  • Dining Etiquette and Table Manners
  • Making Friends and Cross-culture
  • Self-confidence Building
  • … and more !

Due to the current sanitary situation, workshops are suspended but will return as soon as possible as Etiquette & Decorum is working on new ways to deliver customized training programs safely to you. We currently offer “one-on-one” Online Coaching sessions for this program via Zoom or Skype with a handout to refer to after the course. We thank you for your trust.

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