Etiquette and Decorum - Art of Conversation

Fun conversation workshops where it’s all about communicating and understanding a foreign language and its talking patterns and culture. A modern, interesting and an effective way of learning conversational English or French. Our Art of English and French Conversation are tailored to each client and delivered in micro groups or individually. Try us and adopt […]

Etiquette and Decorum - Art of living_Water Colours and Pencils

Sharing our passion for flowers and geishas in our art courses now available upon request. Painting floral subjects with great detail and capturing the poetry and elegance of geishas. Using water colours and pencils technique. These courses take place over three consecutive days and are designed for beginners to intermediate. Students are encouraged to work […]

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Art of Living

The Appreciation of Cultural Wealth, Elegance, and Decorum Gracious Entertaining is a way of bringing people together, and appreciating the little moments in life. The smallest details can give us an “edge”, and can make such a difference. This is a vast and entertaining program presented in part by our key partners, in the form […]

Etiquette and Decorum - Interior Design

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Interior Design

How we feel at work or at home can also depend on the environment we create around us. A few useful tips can make a great difference and contribute to our well-being. It’ not just a question of budget, it’s mainly a question of style, elegance, and common sense… Due to the current sanitary situation, […]

Communication Codes - Gift giving and gift wrapping

Because giving is as lovely as receiving. Whether it’s a party favour, an important birthday, a thank you, or a Corporate gift, knowing how to give a gift and how to wrap it beautifully is a great plus. We like to call it “It’s a Wrap” … Due to the current sanitary situation, workshops are […]

Etiquette and Decorum- Stationery

Every party begins with an invitation. During every business meeting with a new client there is an exchange of business cards. Knowing how to choose the paper, how to choose the type of invitation or business card, is both important and entertaining. Give it some thought, and the people receiving your stationery will be charmed… […]

Etiquette and Decorum - Wine appreciation

Let your senses guide you back to fond memories, and learn to appreciate different wines for their simplicity or complexity. Choosing a wine for an occasion, or as a gift to someone, will give you great satisfaction. Learning about the history of wine, and about wine accessories will add to the experience… Due to the […]

Flower appreciation

The language of flowers is fascinating, and knowing how they have been arranged adds to the effect beautiful flowers give. Learn how to choose flowers and how to arrange centerpieces, handtied bouquets, and so much more… Due to the current sanitary situation, workshops are suspended but will return as soon as possible as Etiquette & […]

Etiquette and Decorum - Art of living - Table Dressing

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Table dressing

Setting a table can be compared to getting dressed. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It’s so much fun choosing the essentials, the look, and the accessories for the perfect table… Topics Mapping the table Settings and differences Table essentials Decorative items Finishing touches Dos and don’ts Cleaning and storage Working with what […]