At Etiquette & Decorum we are getting ready for the Holiday Season.

To launch our Gift Giving and Gift Wrapping module part of the Art of Living Program we have invited Author, Presenter and Designer: Jane Means, also known as the “Gift Wrap Guru”.

Jane trains staff for Harrods, House of Fraser, Dior and Fortnum+Mason plus she has designed a signature style for YSL and has appeared live in the windows of Liberty London.

Kathleen Jones, Founder and Director of Etiquette & Decorum, has trained with Jane Means and loves her technique, and Jane as a person and woman in business.

At Etiquette & Decorum we are thrilled to have Jane Means as our special guest and can’t wait to share some fun and interesting tips with you on Gift Wrapping.

Our first “It’s a Wrap” course will take place on Tuesday 5th December… Let’s get wrapping!!!