Social Etiquette Program

« J’apprécie beaucoup le concept d’Etiquette & Decorum, les programmes sur mesure, l’atmosphère détendue, et le sens de l’humour de Kathleen. C’est une passion pour elle, c’est une évidence, et elle le transmet avec beaucoup d’humour et énergie. J’étais partie pour une journée et suis restée quatre jours ! »

P.F. (France)

Business Etiquette and Cross-culture Programs

“The students shared their feedback and many of them said that they really enjoyed the presentation and were completely unaware of so many things that you opened their eyes too.
The students appreciated the knowledge you provided on appropriate attire and knowing the correct cultural codes in order for international business to transpire most effectively.”

N.A.C, PhD (Business School, France)

Business Etiquette and Cross-culture Programs

“One is never too old to learn. When I decided to try the Business Etiquette course I didn’t really know what to expect. After so many years of travelling for work I didn’t think there was so much more to know. But Kathleen opened my eyes on a few issues I had faced when working with Swiss and French companies. I thought it was down to my “not so good” language skills, but actually it was really mainly a cultural thing. I feel more confident now I know how to better adapt to the Swiss and the French. I’d recommend this course because it’s not things you find in books and because it’s actually good fun! Merci Kathleen.”

A.T. (Entrepreneur, Malta)

Business Etiquette and Cross-culture Programs

Madame K. Jones was really extraordinary and gave us important insights.


Student (University, Monaco)

Wine Appreciation – Art of Living Program

“Super evening spent with the brilliant team of Etiquette & Decorum learning about wines and how to best enjoy them, which we truly did!”

A.L. (Entrepreneur, Monaco & Athens)

Wine Appreciation – Art of Living Program

“Dear Etiquette & Decorum,

The wine initiation was one of the great nights I had in Monaco.

The place is cosy and intimate and makes you feel you’re not in Monaco anymore, the colours, the atmosphere and the decorations are amazing. When you sit around the table with the other attendants (who will become your friends by the end of the night), you can enjoy all the details surrounding you and no-one is there without a specific meaning, I can’t really explain, you have to live it.

The dinner was animated by two great professionals and the sommelier was an unexpected discovery. An incredible lady who is not there to teach you “How to enjoy wine” or “How to taste wine”, she really enjoys sharing her knowledge with guests and you learn a lot with her.

Food, wine, place, atmosphere, are combined with brio by Kathleen.”


Mr & Mrs C. (Monaco)

Wine Appreciation – Art of Living Program

« Invitée à une dégustation par l’hôtesse des lieux, Kathleen Jones, je suis entrée dans un univers cosy et délicieux pour gouter des mets et des vins de qualité. Tout y est pensé et organisé pour passer une soirée parfaite, plaisir des yeux et du palais.

Une œnologue explique les vins présentés par leur origine et leur situation géographique, les convives sont bien conscients d’avoir un service de professionnel pour notre plus grand plaisir. Enfin la Kathleen « touch », les invités conscients d’être des privilégiés tissent des liens entre eux, ce qui fait que cette soirée est inoubliable à tous les points de vue. »

M.L. (Private Banking, Monaco)

Wine Appreciation – Art of Living Program

« On se sent comme dans un cocon chez vous, et même si on est néophyte comme moi, on apprend à déguster. Or, comme le disais Dali : qui sait déguster ne boit plus jamais de vin, mais goûte des secrets. »

N.M. (Private Banking, Monaco)

Modern Calligraphy – Art of Living Program

“I was lucky to participate to the Modern Calligraphy module on a lovely Saturday morning.

Everything was perfect: from the peaceful atmosphere of the studio, to Judy’s patience at trying to teach us the tricks and the art of calligraphy!

Etiquette & Decorum offered me the opportunity to learn something new and despite its common perception of being “old fashioned” for some, it was pretty modern in many ways.

I would love to attend more modules if I had the time!!”

S.D. (Monaco)

It’s a Wrap – Art of Living Program

« Merci Kathleen, je sais maintenant comment faire un joli nœud sur mes paquets et l’idée des fêtes ne me fait plus paniquer! Super après-midi passée au studio, à refaire avec les amies ! »

D.M. (France)

Business Etiquette

My experience attending a business etiquette course was very valuable. It is not just about etiquette and codes, but also about better preparing and approaching a business event, better communicating and interacting with others, and therefore optimising the networking process.

PB (Information Technology, France)